An introduction to the basic concepts of link building

An introduction to the basic concepts of website link building

In the simple meaning, website link building is the systematic process of generating a link to a website from another one. Though it sounds easy one, but in the actual, it is a combination of some complex and convoluted steps for arranging the really good links to the target website in an urge to attract high traffic to the site as well as getting higher SERPs rankings. It is also subjected to the controversial aspect of ethical and unethical practices which basically depends on the choice of the webmaster.

The importance of website link building strategy:

In the general overview, a large number of links attached to your site are the indicator of the popularity of a website and it also influences the search engines to rank it higher in their search results. The leading search engines like Google tend to count these links as the vote for the value and credibility of your site. It is a landmark that can help you in achieving your desired results in the long run.

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When you seek out the relevant sites of the same niche with your one, it is the effort of establishing your value in the opinions of the others as they reward you for the quality and worthiness that you provide.Though the black hat link building emphasis on gathering a lot of backlinks by many tricks and tactics with the purpose of achieving short-term boost in ranking, but if the links are coming from the quality and authoritative sites, it will play a productive role in the success of your online as well as the content marketing strategy with a long lasting endurance.

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Keyword research and link building

Keyword research and link building

Keyword research and link building strategy: a perfect match:

The meaningful use of the relevant keywords is essential for the assured accomplishment of your link building efforts. You need to use them as the anchor text within the hyperlink, wherever it is possible and whenever it can get the links. But beware of following the unethical procedures as it can reflect as the complete opposite outcomes such as penalties or even worse, a ban on your site.

The use of long tail keyword phrase can be proven very productive here in the terms of generating links, attracting the audiences and the also in ranking higher. Here the keywords often play the game changer role so you should concentrate on the successful adaptation of the most suitable keywords for your campaign.

The role of leading ranking factors:

Your website link building efforts are highly influenced by some factors that you often hear during all your marketing conversations: Page Rank, Moz Rank, Trust, authority and many others. These terms refer to the strength of your web page or the website. That’s why once cared by a very few people, Google PAGE Rank is part of the bigger picture and used as a generator of calculating the overall strength of a website and helps in collecting much other information via site parameter.

As your fair counterpart, while researching your competition, these ranking tools also evaluate your site’ s “trust” and the “authority” status. Considering them is essential while developing the link building strategy in a more advanced context.

The “Dofollow” and the “Nofollow” links:

Without understanding the meaning, application and the importance of “do follow” and “no follow” link the study of the basic website link building is rather incomplete.

Here is the simple explanation of the both terms:

Nofollow links:

These are the links that are searched and visited by the search engines, but not counted as the votes from the originating site.In the other words, the NoFollow links are the guests in the party but don’t give their acceptance to be counted as the close friend or relative. Such kind of backlinks never helps the site in the terms of improving reputation or boosting the page ranking.

Do follow links:

These links allow the search engines to visit and be counted as the vote to the site they are linked on.These links are usually found within the main content of your blog post, article or press release often works as a holy grail for your site as they promote your piece of content.Without any doubt, a do follow link is more valuable than a no follow.

ethical approach to link building

Ethical approach to website link building strategy

The ethical approach to website link building:

The ethical and nonethical standards of the website link building process are actually not resembled with its practices but on the mindset of the user. Being ethical is not a terribly difficult practice. One can follow the given methods for generating some great quality backlinks to his or her webpage or the website.

quality backlink methods

  1. Blog comments: Whenever you comment on a blog post by someone else you get linked with it. An easier but comparatively less productive practice.
  2. A forum comment: Here you post your link within a thread or as your forum signature while you are participating in a forum around the web. A webmaster needs to avoid the spamming mentality at this step.
  3. Directory listing: Very popular in earlier days, site directories are the great way to find the authoritative quality sites in the same niche to generate some high valued links and traffic for your website.
  4. Press release: It is the most successful and effective method of generating links while you are using your anchor texts. The quality, relevancy and the worthiness are the conditions of the success here.
  5. Social bookmarking: There are many sites such as Digg, Reddit and Stumble Upon, on the internet who allow the users to share links. So it is also a way to gain a remarkable traffic and a good number of quality backlinks as the people share your blog post with more and more people.
  6. Social media sites: As the hot spot for online conversation, various social media sites (such as Facebook and Twitter)provide a superb platform for great traffic transitioning and productive link building. While your content is unique and holds the shareable quality, the success of the method is ascertained.
  7. Guest posts: This happens when you are posting your piece of content to another site as a guest writer, it is the unique way to generate the do-follow a link to your website or web pages.
  8. Custom campaigns: In this method, a webmaster holds contests, generate the specific type of content that people will easily get involved and influenced to share further. It is the method that possesses the higher return on the terms of investment of resources and efforts.
  9. Article marketing: It happens when you create and post the article based on the theme given by some specific sites such as reader sand the search engines will automatically find your links within the information of the article or in the author’s bio. For the success of the method, the uniqueness of the content is the first and only condition.

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website Link building is not a simple procedure to create and implement.Each business and a set of circumstances require an alternate external link building strategy. The procedure and the progressions of link building ought to be resolved with entire fixation and care.

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