Different Methods and Techniques of Effective Link Building

Different methods and techniques of effective link building

Links just do not grow on trees; an SEO has to work hard in building the sound links for effective social media marketing. Link building is done in two ways: organic link building and artificial link building.

In this article we are going to study about different types of link building methods and the preferred link building strategy as well.

link building

Different types of methods and techniques of effective link building

An encounter with the link building methods and their relevance

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Organic Link Building Methods

Organic link building: Also known as the natural link building; this type deals with the tactics or practices that are not based on automation and are fully approved by Google or other SEO communities.

Some of the very well established and effective organic link building methods are given below:

advance link building techniques

5 Effective organic link building methods

1. Create a quality content

The “white hat favorite” content is the very first requirement of a sound and advantageous link building. Your content must be interesting, educating and valuable to them so that they may find the required suggestions or solutions for it.

The content must be created and presented in an effective manner. The writer should focus not focus on what the audiences need or desire, but something that can be unexpectedly helpful and they have never thought about that way. It will be a surprise gift to your readers and audiences, whom they will love to share further.
One more thing, you need to be unique and original and not to follow/copy the others. Pay attention to developing your own style, attitude, and vision. Something new is always welcome and people’s preference will reflect in the sound link building.

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2. Make the latest happenings the topic of your blogs

The subject matter of your blogs must be fresh and relevant. By making the news a center part or inspiration of your blog, you can get links. When people will find you innovative and your content the latest one they will treat you as the main source of interesting information. And this will definitely give you a good shot at getting new links.

3. Social bookmarking

In the web world, there are many no follow sites. Though they do not give you support indirect link building, yet they provide you the traffic. While your bookmarked content gets popularity among the readers, you get a remarkable traffic to your site and your fan following will help you build some great links for your site.

4. Get familiar with Ezines

With the help of some of the many Ezines throughout the net, you can publish your link as an author bio website address. Also, these Ezines are known as the trusted source of information. If you publish that is real of the interesting and informative kind, your article can easily reach the top of the rankings. A point should be considered here that sometimes the use of Ezines cannot be proven that much effective as the black hatter SEOs are using them as the part of their spammy tactics.

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5. Gift your audiences

This is an attractive way to bind relations and getting the links indirectly. You can gift your readers in many ways like

  • Create a top 10 list of bloggers of the same niche.
  • Gift them any award or badge.
  • Mail them e-books.
  • Talk to them and get involved with them emotionally.
  • Share the interesting pictures and content.

These are the indirect method of connecting and influencing the readers. When they are pleased with the gifts received by them, they will be enthusiastically sharing it with others and this is what a that is the theme of the entire link building process.

Artificial Link Building Methods

Artificial link building: This is not some evil thing, but covers the tricks and techniques of redundant practices till the limit that they begin to regard improper or spam. Some of these practices are of course not approved by the SEO community as well. Then what is the reason that these artificial link building methods are being adopted even after many criticisms as an opposition with them? The answer is because they really work. The article does not intend to advocate the application of these methods but aims to introduce you some of them that can be adopted and be practiced under the valid limitations.

Let’s get some knowledge about these not so acceptable till working methods of advanced link building:

5 Artificial Link Building Methods 

1. Directory submission

This is much like the yellow page submission and was the very effective source of getting the desired sites till the era of search engines emerged. So they were; actually are the important providers of traffic and links to your website. But when the readers have the ever convenient Google to facilitate the search, the directories are losing their importance and effectiveness. Today, most of the directories are the destination of fake sites and not much visited. So it is very difficult to find the right directory and get listed.

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2. Negative commenting on blogs

Commenting on other writers’ blogs, appreciating them, giving the review is a healthy social networking practice, but unfortunately, this innocent link building method can be used very negatively by some mischievous individuals. The use of these sites for posting the annoying, irritating and sometimes very downright useless comments. If used properly, blog commenting is a fairer way to build sound links, but while using with the wrong intention it can harm your fan following list and your online reputation. And if you follow this mean method to play the unfair game with your competitors, you are in danger of losing your reputation and trustworthiness.

3. Forum posts

Forums are great and thanks to the forum moderators the spammy activities can be handled smartly and link building can be practiced. Here you can post the content that is relevant to the keyword. The forums are the threads where the people of the same niche are connected to share their data, information, and relevant content. You just need to stay tuned to the highest rated sites and if they allowed you to link in, it is a golden opportunity for you to get links.

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4. Link buying

When you buy a link, you arrange a one-way link juice for your site. And if you manage to let linked with a highly reputed website who holds the significant number of fan following and traffic, you can easily enjoy their big leverage. The only thing you need to do is to arrange the resources to meet their terms and requirements.

Google generally does not accept the practice of link purchasing. Also, clearly evaluate the worthiness of the site as it really deserves the investment you are planning for this.  It should be a quality site that is very much relevant to you.


After understanding the both types of link building methods, this is recommended to you to follow the organic methods based on developing your own quality, keyword relevance and ability to face the fair competition. The organic marketing is actually the second name of content marketing that is the key to achieving your long-term reputation and success in the field of social media marketing. If you have any query or suggestion related to this effective link building methods then please share with us in a comment section.

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