5 Working SEO For YouTube: Rank Higher In Google Search

5 Useful SEO For YouTube

Youtube is becoming a top source to generate lots of views, and likes. If you have a video that is worthy of the share; upload it and expect a lot of traffic; but only when you have properly optimized your video. There are some awesome ways to help you gain traffic on Youtube.

Uploading info-specific video, writing tags and description, sharing your video on social media sites and dressing up your Youtube channel page are some of the vital ways. Read how to gain traffic on Youtube and how to do SEO for Youtube. The tips and tricks mentioned change depending on how you do SEO for Youtube.

You optimize your website for traffic and conversion, kickstart social media campaigns for generating leads, begin PPC for indirect marketing, but have you ever focused as much attention on Youtube marketing as you do to others? Youtube is gaining in scope and popularity and if you have a brand that has to do with virtual marketing, consider the importance of YouTube.

However simply uploading a video on Youtube and expecting to generate hundreds and thousands of leads out of it is perhaps a wrong thing. You need to be very much careful about properly optimizing your brand on this website. This is where the reference of Youtube optimization or in other words SEO for Youtube comes.

Read how to do proper optimization of your brand on Youtube to gain an improved variety of leads. If you have any idea to improve brand presence on Youtube which you think we missed out on, please comment.

5 Useful SEO For YouTube: Drive Traffic and Rank Higher In Google Search

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Tips to do SEO for YouTube

  1. Upload and publish content that solves problems rather than posting sales videos

    People often post sales videos on Youtube thinking that their consumers would learn about them via YouTube. While it is understood, but Youtube is a video website and not a shopping site. People would learn about your brand there, but for shopping they would visit a shopping website. And people who view the videos are mostly concerned about solving their problems. So, they would be viewing a tutorial video, how to video, or a review video rather than a sales video. That’s why you need to be thoughtful. Do not post any sales pitch. Post informational content that solves your audience’s issues.
    Bottom line – Do not become a salesperson on Youtube. Rather, become an information Superman.

  2. Post videos that are liked, commented, shared and viewed

    Once Youtube videos used to rank higher based on the number of videos. But this leads the scope for growth of link baits, unethical SEO, terrible user experience. Youtube quickly got smarter and it started to rank videos based on some of the thoughtful deciders. It has become important now to post videos that yield comments, views, shares. That’s why it has become important for you to post videos that are of quality. When we say quality, it refers to posting useful videos that solve user issues.
    Bottom line – Do not post a shit video. Rather, post videos that are nice.

    youtube seo

    SEO tips for youtube


  3. Write descriptions that work

    To rank well on your domain on YouTube, you need to be very much smart in drafting your description, tags and choosing of keywords. It is important that you target less competitive yet popular keywords. Ranking for the term “car insurance premium’ could be hard but “car insurance (your city name) premium could be simple to rank for. That’s why before you start off with your keyword strategy; ensure to do some keyword research. Search what people are typing. When it comes to writing description, I have seen many good brands falling behind new ones only because of it. Descriptions are important but more precise, thoughtful and error-free your description is, higher you rank. When it comes to writing tags, become a robot. Literally, we mean try not to use the craft of language. Use keywords which can be summarized in the form of tags. When writing descriptions, try to be smart and simple.
    Bottom line – Workaround ideas that can automate your brand.

  4. Promote your Youtube content on social media

    The more your video is shared on other social sites, higher you rank. That’s why you need to ensure that your videos are being posted and shared on social networking sites. People often think that Youtube in itself is a social media video networking site so doing SMO or SEO for Youtube is not so necessary. But most brands who are getting enough number of ranks and videos on Youtube are those who have a considerable presence on a social site. Promote your Youtube content on strategic websites that are good.
    Bottom line – Socialize your Youtube content across the social site.

  5. Dress-up your channel page

    On the social word, if you are dressing up properly, and have a page that is nice by look, people are likely to view and click your brand value. Add channel image, add tags and let your page get the sparkle. A well-designed and visually attractive page yield more views. There is professional service available for you if you want to promote your page by design. But some of the basic steps can be done by anyone.
    Bottom line – Be smart.

These are some of the crucial ways to get heard on Youtube. The proper way to rank is to optimize your Youtube content in a way that it is clicked. There are brands who are doing good because they know how to get going, and then there are brands who are over emphasizing their content and not necessarily working to promote their value. To yield proper value and gain in rank, it is importantly vital for you to consider properly optimizing your content. The proper techniques of optimizing your video vary depending on your brand and niche.


I’ve described you the 5 Working SEO For YouTube: Rank Higher In Google Search, Is there other ways you can help your brand scale new levels of scope for the audience and like? Are there any ways you know we have to write? Please let us know in the comment SEO for Youtube article.

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