4 Ways To Boost Your SEO With Google Adwords

4 ways to boost your SEO with Google Adwords

Google Adwords keyword tool is an online advertising program launched by Google that facilitates a web marketer to reach to potential customers and improve traffic, ranking, sales, and profits. With this very supportive tool one can:

  • Make a decision that where to place the advertisement.
  • Determine the optimum budget.
  • Measure the impact of your ad and scale the performance of the campaign.

In most of the cases, advertisers apply Google AdWords tool in their major PPC networks.

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There are many other ideas for which this application can be used are given below:

4 Smart Tips to use Google AdWords

1- Keyword research

Google AdWords is mainly used for SEO to conduct the keyword research. The keyword is the baseline of all the SEO campaigns and it is essential to maintain the consistent success of your marketing efforts that you always research the simple and natural keywords.

It is because, in general practice, the users don’t go with the unexpected and outstanding keywords. If a marketer aims to get higher ranks in the SERPs, he or she has to focus on the keywords that the targeted audiences search for and not which you think as an expert are the most suitable for the search.

So when the right keywords really matter, an SEO professional can have one of the many available free or the paid tools for conducting the keyword research.

Google AdWords offers you the trusted Google quality, easy usability, and high performance while researching the most suitable keywords for our campaign. Either you can enter the URL of your website or put some seed words relating to your site’s subject matter; Google AdWords will present you a great collection of suggested keywords automatically.

Now, what the marketer has to do is keenly observing the keywords, shortlisting the relevant ones and checking their global search volume.

It is quite obvious that we want all our keywords to perform well in getting higher ranks, but as per the experts’ suggestion, it is better to focus on the few selected keywords.

It will be in the best of the online marketing campaign to find the keyword phrase that can optimize without requiring a greater effort and having a decent search volume. In other words, you have to find the keywords with the least competition in Google. For this, you have to enter each of your shortlisted keyword in the Google.com search box.

It will be nice if you search for the exact phrase, so you have surrounded your keyword with double quotes. When the result appears you have to note that how many results are there for each of these phrases.

Collect the number of web results, calculate competition ratio by dividing its “Global search volume” through “number of web results”. It will easy to optimize the keywords having the higher ratio.

google adwords keyword research

2- Ensure the performance of the keyword you have picked

Once the selection of keywords has been completed, the next step is to verify that the keywords are really going to perform well or convert properly. The testing is quite essential to be sure about their effectiveness, no matter what level of the hard work you have done while picking your keywords.

One should pick the lucrative keywords with high global search volume and low competition.

We cannot expect the Google top rank to be maintained for very long years and bring the most fruitful results to the business. Though we put our great effort to place our website at the top rank on the search engine optimization yet, we have to deal with the disappointment when even the first place in the SERP ranking is not helping us with the desired success.

It is because the high velocity and the turning rate of the particular keyword in the changing online atmosphere

With the use of Google AdWord campaign, we can save a lot of the hard work, trouble and time; we get most suitable keywords, find their potential performance level and optimize them for the best outcome of the entire practice.

3- Attaining the better CTR

Not only for the keyword research purpose, Google AdWords also offers a great help for getting the remarkable Click Thru Rate (CTR) with your ongoing SERPs ranking. If your CTR is low you can never monetize your great traffic to your site that is the result of high-ranking your site or web page possess.

There can be various reasons responsible for this, but the inadequate title and description could be possible ones.

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Here, Google AdWords can play a game changer role while providing you the better CTR with your existing ranking. And during your routine ad AdWords campaign practice, if you feel quite satisfied with its performance and conversion, you should keep changing your ad title and description until you have reached the maximum CTR for your keywords.

It will obviously take some specific schedules of efforts to get the most suitable and profitable combination of a title and a description. when you manage to get this magical combination, just copy and paste them as the title and description for your page in order to maximize your organic search CTR as well.

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4- Geographic targeting

As one more advanced and effective use of Google AdWords for search engine optimization is the geographical targeting.

While the traffic to your site is coming from various different geographical locations, Google Analytics can be used for comparing the conversion status of the different locations.

During this practice, one should be ready to deal with some significant discrepancies in the conversions for the same keywords among the countries and the continents.

This analytical study of the countries will help you the best in scaling the conversion status based on the geographic. And you can prepare the specific strategies for all the variants.

Surely, it will provide the basis for creating the local pages for the countries having the low conversion and target the geo-specific keywords.

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At the conclusion of the above topics and facts, it is sure that Google AdWords is a really a great tool for advertisers and the SEO professionals as well. There are numerous publishers, content writers, SEO experts, and marketing professionals apply this most valuable tool.

The usefulness of AdWords can be given in this simple statement that even a moderate Google AdWords campaign can avail you many great insights and help you in saving the time money and efforts to optimize the words.

As results, you get the optimized SEO procedure, remarkable traffic to the site, higher ranks on the search engine research pages and ultimately the boost in customer queries and sales deals.

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