How To Use Twitter To Improve Your SEO Campaign

How to use Twitter for SEO campaign? Since the times when social networking sites came into existence, Twitter is considered as the most popular platform for microblogging purposes. This website not only features the character of a social networking site but it also gives the user to share what’s going on in their mind. And the element of two-way communication makes it a perfect e-space to share your views and ideas with your social circle. Besides being used on personal grounds, nowadays twitter is also being used on professional grounds. Every business and all tech-savvy professionals make sure that they own an authentic Twitter account in order to maintain their social networks. If interested also read another article about how to use tinder without Facebook.

Now, when Twitter is being used for professional purposes also, it becomes mandatory to learn the basic essentials to handle the Twitter account. So, The question is how does Twitter help SEO. From the business point of view, business personnel uses this website so as to supplement their SEO activities. It might sound strange but just like other online marketing and branding strategies, now even Twitter is being used as a tool to push your business identity and increase your search ranking in Google. So, if you have not thought or tried it yet… do it now and let your business flourish on Twitter too.

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By using your Twitter account wisely and smartly you can not only build your online image but can also maintain a good online reputation. By making your tweets more focused and with optimized content you can definitely enjoy the ripe benefits of SEO. And this will also improve your ranking on search engines. Doesn’t it sound good!?

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Here, we are discussing a few points of twitter which if considered properly can help you drive your SEO campaign in a more successful way. Take a look:

10 Twitter Tips To Improve Your SEO Campaign

twitter improve seo campaign

Twitter improve your website SEO campaign

  1. Choose the right name for your account

    Select a twitter account username that is easy to remember and SEO friendly. Moreover, the name should be such that it can reflect your business. The right username is a first step towards building network circles on a Twitter profile. If possible, try to choose a name that can reflect your optimized keywords also. This will not only make your presence significant but will also give you a better ranking in search results.

  1. Make your Twitter profile descriptive and informative

    Just like your twitter username, try to make your twitter profile keyword enriched. By giving you the limit of 140 characters, you can easily make the best use of it. Incorporate hashtags and links in your profile itself to make it look more informative. Make use of these tools (i.e.hash tags and links) in a way that they can further be used in your tweets and conversations also.

  1. Try to use links as much as you can

    Don’t forget to mention your business URL wherever necessary. And besides your business website’s URL, you can also make use of other relevant links that can help your business in a way or other. For instance, you can make use of links that support some kind of social cause. This kind of tweets will surely increase your chances of visibility and will give your business more exposure.

  1. Pick and choose the correct keywords to promote your business

    Select the keywords that can optimize the search results in a way that you stand ahead of your competitors. The right use of targeted keywords and phrases in all your tweets can give a high significance and relevance to your each and every post.

  1. Try to make your tweets enriched with keywords

    Frame your every tweet in such a way that it comprises of your selected keywords. Moreover, quote them in a way that they leave a long-lasting impression on the reader. Try to make your every tweet enriched with optimized content and targeted keywords. And don’t forget to keep it short and simple.

  1. Don’t forget the use of hashtags

    Hashtags are the most commonly used tool for Twitter. Use of them can work like metadata for your every tweet. Use them to make your tweets sound quirky and interesting. And if used wisely, you can use them with your targeted keywords also to fetch better SEO results. Try to be spontaneous and use them as much as you can to exist on top of search results.

  1. Always be an active user

    No matter how smartly you make use of your selected keywords or how wisely you frame your tweets using optimized content but if you are not an active user you can never hold the top position of search results. Being an active user is highly recommendable to maintain your online reputation.

  1. The always response back to other’s tweet that happens to be on your page

    If you wish to build a good online reputation, then you need to revert to all the tweets that happen to be on your page. This will not only make build your online image but will also let an easy flow of conversation. And more the active you are, better your SEO ranking will be.

  1. Try to address people while reverting to their tweets

    While re-tweeting to other’s post, it is always recommended to mention users to whom you are responding back. Putting “@” symbol before the username can give your page higher relevance as more the re-tweets, better your visibility will be which will result in better online reputation.

  1. Make your social circle by using other social networking sites

    In order to grow and expand your twitter network, you can always look out for other social networking sites. By importing contacts from your Facebook account and LinkedIn profile, you will surely have the different set of audiences to treat and that too on one common platform.

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These are the best ways to use Twitter to improve your SEO and increase search ranking. Above all, before you actually mark your presence on Twitter, be clear about your existence. For instance, whether you want to promote your business or you want to communicate with your clients and customers. As you will lead in the right direction only when you sort your purpose of existence. And once it is clear, you can then follow these tips to use Twitter to the fullest of its potential.

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